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Buchinger Fasting is much more then just another diet!

What is Fasting?

Fasting is the conscious, voluntary and timely abstinence of solid nutrition. According to Buchinger/Lützner, Fasting consists out of a carbohydrate modified diet, which takes between 5-10 days for a healthy person. It´s an invitation to switch from external to internal nutrition. A natural process that offers the body tranquillity and regeneration.

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Cosmetics from the Inside Out

A fasting week, organized in form of courses, under the direction of fasting coaches is highly recommended. We provide comprehensive information and a supportive fastening community. Fasting weeks simultaneously serve the purpose of continuing education and self-realization. The various supplementary programs improve one's quality of life; a stronger sense of your body, creativity, learning how to eat consciously, relaxation, meditation, self-help from Mother Nature's pharmacy, and much more.


Please note that a fasting week for healthy people is not therapeutic fasting.


It's always impressive to see how the face of a fasting person changes. After only five days of fasting, the puffy “full-moon face” with feverish red blotches begins to relax and regain its characteristic contours. Dull eyes become clear; restless glances become steady. A growing self-confidence can be read in the features. During a fast the fatigued, resigned, gray face of the person suffering from exhaustion first turns inward, becomes quiet, and collapses a bit. After some time, it fills out, regaining its freshness and delicacy. The eyes begin to sparkle. After this restructuring process of the soft, smooth, elastic skin the  blemishes have disappeared, and wrinkles are smoothed.


Helmut Luetzner: "The new life fasting guide"

Our Fasting Program

Mediterranean diet Pyramid

Home preparation

In the week before fasting you start to reduce fat, coffee and alcohol. Start reducing from the top of the pyramind and work yourself down. One day before fasting you can eat rice, porridge or 3 servings of fruit. Alternatively you can also have a plate of cooked vegetables for lunch.

First fasting day

We give you an individual dose of Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate decahydrate) between 30 and 40 g  dissolved in water. During the next one to three hours you will have several bowel movements.

Fasting begins with a thorough colon cleansing. The body changes from intake to excretion. The nutrition starts from the inside; hunger disappears. You are now living on your own resources of your body.

What we offer


Pre-week Reduction at home

One week Fasting

2-3 built-up days




Morning gymnastic

Hikes of 8-10 KM

Daily exercises

Guided  Tours


Food Plan

Veggie Broth

Juices, Soups, Tee

2-3 Liters Water

Body Healing

Hot Liver Compres







Mental Clarity



Social Sensibility

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